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Countries under e-Visa goes up 77 from 74

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The Government of India has finalised arrangements to extend and implement the e-Tourist Visa facility to the passport holders of People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong Administrative Region and Macau Special Administrative Region with effect from the July 30, 2015, as announced by the Prime Minister during his recent visit to China. The total number of countries/territories covered under the e-Tourist Visa scheme will go up from 74 to 77, with the inclusion of these countries/territories.

The e-Tourist Visa scheme launched by the Government of India on the November 27, 2014 has been extended to 77 countries/territories so far. The scheme will be extended to more countries/ territories in a phased manner. Under this scheme, tourists with e-Tourist Visas can arrive at nine designated airports (Bengaluru, Chennai, Cochin, Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Mumbai & Trivandrum). Since the launch of the scheme, about 2,00,000 (Two lakh) e-TVs have been issued to nationals of different countries.

List of the countries included in India e-Tourist Visa Scheme:

Anguilla Guyana Norway
Antigua & Barbuda Haiti Oman
Australia Honduras Palau
Bahamas Indonesia Palestine
Barbados Israel Papua New Guinea
Belize Japan Paraguay
Brazil Jordan Philippines
Cambodia Kenya Republic of Korea
Canada Kiribati Republic of Macedonia
Cayman Island Laos Russia
Chile Latvia Saint Christopher and Nevis
Cook Islands Liechtenstein Samoa
Costa Rica Lithuania Singapore
Djibouti Luxembourg Solomon Islands
Dominica Marshall Islands Sri Lanka
Dominican Republic Mauritius Thailand
Ecuador Mexico Tonga
El Salvador Micronesia Tuvalu
Estonia Montenegro UAE
Fiji Montserrat Ukraine
Finland Myanmar USA
France Nauru Vanuatu
Georgia New Zealand Vatican City-Holy See
Germany Nicaragua Vietnam
Grenada Niue Island  
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